Terms and Conditions of Sale

All order accepted from customers and sates effected by BNT Motors Pvt ltd. are subject to terms and conditions set out here under:- 1) General terms and conditions a. Goods once sold cannot be taken back on any account. Discrepancies of any nature whats over should be intimated to BNT Motors Pvt Ltd 24 hrs. from the receipt of goods. This should be read in conjunction with 1(b) b) BNT Motors Pvt Ltd is not liable for deterioration to vehicle and for parts/ accessories entrusted for repairs arising from the customers failure to take the delivery with in 7 days from the data of intimation that the vehicle and/ or parts/accessories is/ are kept ready for delivery. c) BNT Motors Pvt.Ltd shall be entitled to cancel or postpone delivery in case of event or circumstances beyond its control including delay in parts availability. 2. Payment Terms a. Payment under the invoice shall be made in advance or on the date of invoice. In case of delay in making the payment, such delayed payment shall attract interest at the rate of 24% PA or such other rate as may to be notified to the customer in writing. b. Payment to be made by account payee demand draft in favour of BNT Motors Pvt.Ltd. drawn on any scheduled bank. In case of payment made by way of cheque, the good shall remain the property of the company until the cheque are realized. c) In case payment is accepted by way of cash, Payment receipt will be issued signed by the Authorized person of BNT Motors PVT.LTD.in the official receipts. 3. The sale of parts and service shall be subjected to the standard terms and condition of warranty, the details of which can be made available to customer on demand. General warranty terms are mentioned here below: However the warranty terms and condition are limited to these general terms & Condition alone Goods sold by BNT Motors Pvt.Ltd are warranted against manufacturing defected for a period of 12 Months. Renovated parts are warranted against manufacturing defects for a period of 6 Months from the date of sale subjected to the following conditions: a) The customer will notify BNT Motors Pvt.LTD. Promptly in writing about the defects noticed and give the opportunity to BNT Motors Pvt.LTD. India's Authorized personnel to inspect/ test the items. b) The decision of BNT motors Pvt.Ltd. shall be final and binding whether warranty is applicable or not. c) BNT Motors Pvt Ltd. will be entitled to retain any defective parts replaced under this warranty. d) BNT Motors Pvt Ltd India's liability under this warranty will cease to be operative, If the goods are tampered with or if the customer uses non- genuine spare parts. e) BNT Motors PVT.LTD. India's liability under this warranty shall in no case and in circumstance exceed the price paid by the customer to BNT Motors PVT.LTD. for the goods. f) BNT Motors PVT.LTD. India shall not be liable under this warranty for any claim for any incidental or consequential losses suffered by the customer or any other user. g) The warranty is applicable only if any fitment or service is done by a person authorized by BNT Motors PVT.LTD. h) This warranty is provided only for the goods covered by this invoice. 4. Other Terms a) The customer shall indemnify BNT Motors Pvt.Ltd. against liability incurred by it due to breach of any of the terms of the conditions of this invoice. b) Any dispute relating to the payment, delivery and quality of the parts or service or the other matter associated with the BNT Motors Pvt.Ltd. Shall be settled by the customer and BNT Motors Pvt.Ltd. directly or through arbitration at Bangalore in accordance with laws relating to arbitration in India. In case disputes are not settled through arbitration, the court at Bangalore shall have exclusive jurisdiction. c) Garages rent/ parking charges will be levied at Rs 250/- per day per vehicle kept ready for delivery but taken delivery with in 48 hrs from intimation to the customer. d) BNT Motors Pvt.Ltd. reserves the right to exercise the general lien on vehicles/ parts until this invoice amount is settled in full. e) All taxes, local or central (wherever applicable) which may be lived or become livable tinder any legislation now in force or enacted hereafter shall be payable by the customer in addition to the price quoted/ charged by BNT Motors PVT.LTD. 4) Cancellation Policy: Once Invoice generated can not cancel. 5) Refund Policy: No Refund will be given.