Talbros supplies a wide variety of rubber matting and pads, these are available in different types of rubber like NBR, EPDM, SBR and Neoprene. We also carry a line of products made out of recycled rubber especially where application areas demand for the same.

Our line of mats are available in the following designs-
• Plain Type
• Ribbed Design
• Waffle Design
• Rubber Cork Sandwich

Mats & Pads can also be developed as per customer specifications in custom sizing as well.

Important properties of UNIQUE Anti Vibration rubber pads/vibration absorbent sheets are:-
• Reduced Machine Vibration and its sound.
• Shock proof (Insulation).
• Resistant to water, oils, fuels etc.
• Easy to install.
• Long lasting performance.
• No permanent deformation

Talbros produces custom nitrile or Buna-N rubber gaskets of the highest reliability and sealing quality that are manufactured from different grades. We offer a full range of transmission filter kit gaskets as well as a large range of gaskets used in engines all over the world. Some of the benefits of using our gaskets are-

• Good abrasion resistance.
• Good performance in hot and cold temperature extremes.
• Excellent resistance to oils, solvents and fuels.
• Good impermebiliaty to gases.

Our gaskets can be manufactured either by die cutting method or by moulding machines depending on the requirements of the customer.

Talbros carries a large, diversified and extensive inventory of rubber sheet material for the in-house production and fabrication of custom gaskets, custom seals and parts. The wide range of rubber sheet that we stock is available in most thicknesses, widths and lengths, to meet and exceed your specific requirements and needs. If you require assistance, we shall recommend the best rubber sheet material for your custom gasket or custom seal application.