The products we supply in this category are- anti vibration strips, anti vibration coils and anti vibration pads & sheets manufactured according to customer requirements.

TGA-500: Compressible, resilient and economical material manufactured from natural rubber and cork. Suitable for Low & Medium Bolt pressures and excellent as a foundation for Light and Medium Machinery. Also suitable as anti skid and electrical resistance pads for Control room etc.

TG 1720: Low compressible medium density Cork and Nitrile rubber material for noise and vibration control, with excellent oil and fuel resistance. This is a highly recommended Anti-Vibration Material for machinery and areas with Oil spillage, the material has Medium to Heavy-duty load bearing capacity along with anti ozone protection.

TG-7730N: Neoprene Rubber and fine Cork bonded Anti Vibration Material with all the properties of our TG 7720 grade. In addition, this material has excellent anti-aging properties. It is ideal as foundation blocks for Transformers and other Machinery/ Equipments installed outdoors and exposed to the elements.

Talbros rubberised cork frames which are bonded with a special heat resistant adhesive and offer substantial savings not only in raw material cost to gasket manufacturers but also facilitate faster production, thereby lowering production costs. We can also develop frames to suit individual customers specific requirements.

Cork Rubber is used as an excellent friction material that can be found in paper feeders for fax or copy machines, as a clutch facing material in braking systems, and as a die ejection material for the corrugated box industry. Our range of friction material is successfully being supplied to companies in the following segments:

  • Mining Equipment
  • Heavy Earth Moving Equipment
  • Two Wheeler Industry
  • Automobile Industry
  • Commercial Vehicles

Talbros cork rubber gasket materials are produced from top quality cork intimately bonded with a synthetic rubber which may be SBR, Nitrile or Neoprene type. This provides a material in which the natural compressibility of cork is combined with the resilience and mechanical strength of rubber.

The chemical properties of the material are determined partly by those of the cork and largely by the type of the rubber used. In order to make the right choice in terms of material, it is essential to be familiar with the mechanical, thermal and chemical conditions to which a particular gasket will be subjected during operation. In particular the following factors influence the selection:

  • Dimensions and design of the gasket.
  • Properties of the Gasket Material.
  • Condition and design of the sealing surface/ flange.
  • Operation pressure.
  • Effective Temperature.
  • Substance to be sealed off

Talbros gasket materials can be supplied in Blocks, Sheets or Rolls with a thickness ranging from 0.8mm to 150mm, our sheets are available in multiple sizes so please do check with us for the available sizes that we manufacture.

Engine Gaskets

Talbros has a variety of Valve cover and Oil sump gaskets available in its range. With our dies and machining capabilities we can produce both large and small quantities without added setup cost.

Talbros can also manufacture these gaskets to customer specifications based upon their requirements and drawings. Gaskets are available with us as cork-rubber as well as in rubber-molded form.

Transformer Gaskets

Since the design of the transformer varies from manufacturer to manufacturer we at Talbros offer individual gaskets as well as kits containing all the gaskets required in a transformer of any particular KVA. These kits are designed to suit individual customer’s drawings and specifications as well.