About Us

Talbros has been manufacturing raw materials and finished products for sealing purposes since 1981 from it’s manufacturing facilities located in India. The bulk of the company’s production is sold outside India and approximately 75% of it’s revenues are derived from sales made outside India with over 50% of it’s sales coming from the US market. This led to us establishing warehousing operations in the US to reduce our lead time to serve that market.

What started out as a rubber-cork manufacturing operation has expanded to a full fledged soft gasket cutting company with the capability to manufacture finished gaskets in cork, rubber, fiber and non-asbestos. Our gasketing material operations continue to this date and we are still one of the preferred sources of supply for cork rubber material, rubber molded sheet material, nitrile rubber sheeting as well as different types of rubber matting globally. We are always aiming to expand into different materials and look at forming partnerships with companies to explore this.


Industries We Serve

While our quest is to be omnipresent, some of our current application areas are-

  • Automotive & Industrial Sealing
  • Flooring & Matting
  • Electronic Appliances
  • Oil and Gas
  • Power Transformers, Distribution Transformers & Switchgear's
  • Friction Material for Braking & Clutch Applications
  • Anti Vibration, Sound Insulation & Load Securement