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Rubberised Cork Gasket Materials
TALCORK rubberised cork gasket materials are produced from top quality cork intimately bonded with a synthetic rubber, which may be SBR, Nitrile or Neoprene type. This provides a material in which the natural compressibility of cork is combined with the resilience and mechanical strength of rubber. Adjusting the proportions, the degree of compressibility and flow characteristics can be controlled and combinations produced which are nearly compressible as cork or almost as incompressible as rubber.

The chemical properties of the material are determined partly by those of the cork and largely by the type of the rubber used. In order to make the right choice in terms of material, it is essential to be familiar with the mechanical, thermal and chemical conditions to which a particular gasket will be subjected during operation. In particular the following factors influence the selection:
  1. Dimensions and design of the gasket.
  2. Properties of the Gasket Material.
  3. Condition and design of the sealing surface/ flange.
  4. Operation pressure.
  5. Effective Temperature.
  6. Substance to be sealed off
Whenever in doubt, please check with us and let us have the exact operating requirements.

TALCORK gasket materials can be supplied in blocks, sheets or rolls.
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